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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tales From SVA: First 16mm project - Critique

So today was the day that we showed the 16mm lighting project (linked below) to our class and production teacher. Over all I think our class was sort of bothered by the abstractness. it was uhm... maybe they liked it but weren't sure why. people complimented us afterwards though so that's nice.
Our teacher said the one thing he didn't like about it was the few shots of jackie dancing where it was hella dark and all you could see is like her arms. Cat's solo dancing was like that too. I think what happened there was that the contrast on the camera turned to black or something. the bolex we rented was slightly different and had some settings that I was never taught.
Anyone familiar with bolex cameras? cause this little triangle thing kept popping up in the bottom left of the viewfinder. anyone have any clue as to what that is?
p.s. morgan wanted me to have a little icon at the end of my posts so now I do.

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Blogger The Dynamic Dane said...

I really hate to burst your bubble, but the link requires registration. Yes, it is free for a few days, but there must be some truly public place you can host the movie.

Tue Jan 03, 10:58:00 AM


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